Info Bulletin : 10-26-2018


UNIT 1 OHAP UNEMPLOYMENT INFORMATION: You must file for unemployment online at or if you do not have internet access, call your processing center number. ODJFS business hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday, except holidays.

A CREW (DAY SHIFT): Due to the Election Day and Veterans Day holidays, you will be paid short work week for the weeks of 11/05/2018 and 11/12/2018. Please do not reopen or file an additional claim until 11/18/2018. You will only be laid off for ONE (1) WEEK using Mass Layoff # 1800443. Your actual last day worked will be 11/02/2018, but your last day worked for unemployment purposes will be 11/16/2018 and your return to work date will be 11/26/2018. You will call to file or file online a total of TWO (2) times: On Sunday, 11/18/2018, you will reopen or file an additional claim. On Sunday, 11/25/2018, you will file a claim for week ending 11/24/2018. DO NOT CLAIM THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HOLIDAY PAY.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not wait until the Saturday following your layoff week to make application for benefits because there is a chance that you may encounter a technical problem that could force you to file your application late. If you do not make application and file your claim correctly and within the ODJFS’s defined time period, they will not pay your benefit for the layoff week(s). Appeals are seldom won and we want to be sure members receive their unemployment benefits.

UAW NATIONAL FORD CONTRACT RESOLUTIONS: Members interested in submitting national contract resolutions may do so by getting a resolution form from, from the union hall or from your Bargaining or District Committeeperson. Please drop your completed resolutions off at the union hall or return them to your Committeeperson.

“FEED THE NEEDY” GATE COLLECTION: A gate collection will be held FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND to collect money to purchase food for the needy within Lorain County. We are hoping that they, too, will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Federal Election Day: Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6th. UNIT 1 OHAP: You must work the day prior to the holiday (Monday, November 5th) and the day following the holiday (Wednesday, November 7th) or have an excused absence to be paid for the holiday. UNIT 3 LEADEC: You must work the last regular scheduled day prior to the holiday and the day following the holiday to be paid for it. UNIT 4 SOURCE PROVIDERS: You must work on the nearest scheduled workday, both preceding and following the holiday. UNIT 5 DETROIT CHASSIS: You do not have Federal Election Day off.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that our membership exercises their right to vote and that we cast our votes for candidates who support our jobs and livelihoods, as well as the overall right of collective bargaining for all workers. You can vote early at your local county board of elections up through Election Day. Please call your county board of elections for further information. Federal Election Day is a paid day off for most of us that allows everyone an opportunity to vote. Please exercise this important right!

Veterans Day: Veterans Day will be observed on Monday, November 12th. UNIT 1 OHAP must work Thursday, November 8th or have an excused absence to be paid for the holiday. UNIT 3 LEADEC, UNIT 4 SOURCE PROVIDERS and UNIT 5 DETROIT CHASSIS must work the last regularly scheduled day prior to the holiday and the day following the holiday to be paid for it.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: The next General Membership Meeting is Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 2:30 PM at UAW Local 2000, 3151 Abbe Road in Sheffield Village. Please attend and be informed.

Bill Samples, President / Herb Bennett, Chairperson Unit 1 / Melanie Meyer, Chairperson Unit 2

Ida Hess, Chairperson Unit 3 / Brian Plumley, Chairperson Unit 4 / Kevin Patton, Chairperson Unit 5