Info Bulletin : 11-25-2019


OHAP DAY SHIFT H-LINE UNEMPLOYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: File for unemployment online with the instructions below at or if you do not have internet access, call your processing center (the number is located on correspondence you’ve received from the ODJFS). ODJFS business hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday, except holidays. Below are the instructions for filing for unemployment:

You will file for unemployment benefits using Mass Layoff # 1900654. Your last day worked for unemployment purposes is 11/29/2019 and your return to work date is 12/16/2019. You will need to call your processing center or visit the ODJFS web site a total of THREE TIMES beginning the Sunday before your layoff begins (dates you need to file are listed below) because you are laid off for two weeks:

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2019 – OPEN OR RESTART APPLICATION FOR BENEFITS / SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2019 – CLAIM LAYOFF WEEK (WEEK ENDING 12/07/2019) / SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2019 – CLAIM LAYOFF WEEK (WEEK ENDING 12/14/2019) ***Please note: If you are not given the correct application open/reopen date or the correct week ending date you need to claim, log out and call your processing center on Monday and tell them you would like them to open/ reopen your application or take your claim (whichever is the case) via phone. If you do not follow these instructions and file timely, you will not be paid or your waiting week will not be served.

LUNCH WITH SANTA: The Women’s Committee is sponsoring Lunch with Santa on Sunday, December 15th from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at VFW Lodge #1662, 165 Cleveland Avenue, Amherst, OH 44001. Tickets are $10 each and will be sold at OHAP by Women’s Committee members. Extra pictures will be $5.00 each.

OHAP - MARY LEE TUCKER CLOTHE-A-CHILD: Our annual collection will be held Monday, December 16th in the plant. UAW Local 2000 members and Ohio Assembly Plant employees have historically been among the largest local contributors to this great charity. Please remember to bring a cash donation.

OHIO ASSEMBLY PLANT UPCOMING PAID HOLIDAYS: THANKSGIVING: Thanksgiving Day November 28th and the day After Thanksgiving November 29th off but must work Wednesday, November 27th or have an approved absence to be paid for the holiday. Christmas / New Year paid holidays: The Christmas holiday period will begin on Monday, December 23rd and normal production will resume on Thursday, January 2nd. It is important that you understand the general eligibility rules on Christmas holiday pay: A seniority employee absent without excuse on either the last scheduled working day prior to or the next scheduled working day after the Christmas holiday period shall be ineligible for one of the holidays for which he/she would otherwise be eligible in the holiday period. If an eligible employee misses both the scheduled day before and the scheduled day after, he/she will not be eligible for any Christmas holiday pay. Seniority employees who have gone on sick leave during the workweek prior to or during the workweek in which the holiday(s) falls shall receive pay for such holiday period. A seniority employee who is on sick leave when the holiday(s) occurs, who would return to work following the holiday(s), but during the week in which the holiday(s) falls, shall receive pay for such holiday(s).

Units 3-5: Please see your unit chairpersons or your human resources department for details about upcoming paid holidays.

UNION OFFICES CLOSED: UAW Local 2000 and all UAW International and Regional Offices will be closed from Monday, December 23rd through Wednesday, January 1st and will reopen on Thursday, January 2nd. HUMAN RESOURCES will also be closed throughout the entire Christmas holiday period.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: The next General Membership Meeting is Sunday, December 8th at 2:30 PM at UAW Local 2000, 3151 Abbe Road in Sheffield Village. Please attend and be informed.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill Samples, President / Herb Bennett, Chairperson Unit 1 / Melanie Meyer, Chairperson Unit 2

Pedro Natal, Chairperson Unit 3 / Brian Plumley, Chairperson Unit 4 / Kevin Patton, Chairperson Unit 5