Info Bulletin : 11-18-2020



THANKSGIVING: UNIT 1 OHAP has Thanksgiving Day November 26th and the day after Thanksgiving November 27th off but must work Wednesday, November 25th or have an approved absence to be paid for the holiday. UNIT 3 LEADEC also has Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving off but must work both the day before and the day after the holiday to be paid for it. UNIT 4 SOURCE PROVIDERS has Thanksgiving Day off and must work on the nearest scheduled work day both proceeding and following the holiday to be paid for it. UNIT 5 DETROIT CHASSIS has Thanksgiving Day off and must work on the nearest scheduled workday, both preceding and following the holiday, to be eligible for holiday pay.

ANGEL TREE: The Angel Tree drive is sponsored by Marine Toys for Tots this year. People who wish to participate should pick a train or trains off of the trees. The trains with pink stripes are for girls and the trains with blue stripes are for boys and the ages are written on the back of each train. Feel free to buy as many toys as you would like. Trains with green stripes should be chosen by people who would like to make a donation and all cash donations should be dropped off at ERC Amy Jaynes Brown’s office. The firm deadline for bringing in all gifts and cash donations is Wednesday, December 16th.

MARY LEE TUCKER CLOTHE-A-CHILD: Our annual collection will be held Monday, December 14th in the plant. UAW Local 2000 members and Ohio Assembly Plant employees have historically been among the largest local contributors in the county to this great charity. Please remember to bring a cash donation.

CORRECT ADDRESSES & PHONE NUMBERS NEEDED: It is very important that you keep your records up to date in order to protect your job and to receive important notifications from the union. That aside, each time the local does a mailing, we have stacks of mail returned for bad addresses, which costs the local union money because they have to be investigated and re-mailed, if possible. If you’ve moved and/or your phone number has changed, please email your name and updated contact information to or call (440) 934-3151 x0. Visit your plant human resources department to update your contact information there, too. Please note: Retiree addresses are no longer updated to the local, so if you are a retiree that has moved or know a retiree that has moved, please be sure to have him/her contact the local to update their information.

VANGUARD PUBLICATION: The printing company that printed our local’s newspaper closed down and we are in the process of searching for another printer. We will resume distribution as soon as one is found.

Retiree Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and all retiree meetings are canceled until further notice, due to Covid-19. We look forward to a time when we will finally be able to resume normal activities when we have the virus behind us.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: Due to social distancing concerns related to Covid-19, all UAW Local 2000 meetings are canceled until further notice. Members will be given advance notice of the next meeting. The Executive Board is still meeting regularly to handle business.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Bill Samples, President / Herb Bennett, Chairperson Unit 1 / Melanie Meyer, Chairperson Unit 2

Kenneth McNeil, Chairperson Unit 4 / Tony Rollison, Chairperson Unit 5